Senior Marketing Executive



Commetrex is a small company poised for rapid growth, but we need a senior marketing executive that’s a great salesperson to help us get there.  We are looking for a special person who has a broad skill set in all marketing disciplines, but most especially in sales.  We are looking for a good corporate fit, so someone lacking experience in one or more marketing disciplines, but who is an excellent match with our corporate ethos might be the best candidate.



Here’s the skill profile we are interested in.  The list is ordered somewhat by each item’s effect on our near-term results.

  • Sales effectiveness
  • Communications skills: oral and written
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing communications
  • Product management
  • Market management
  • Strategic planning


Position Summary


Although a strong background in all but the first item would be of high value to Commetrex, what we really need is someone who can come in and increase revenue in our highly technical markets.  Our decision-makers are engineering VPs, CTOs, product managers, and often CEOs.  Although we do have some ready-to-deploy products, our OEM prospects are looking for products that fill a gap in their technology portfolio that will get them to market faster and at lower cost than internal development.  This means understanding the prospect’s technical problem, how Commetrex’ products can solve it, then, of course, closing the deal.


So much of successful marketing is communications—whether one-on-one when calling on a prospect, to delivering a paper to a packed conference hall, or to our target markets via papers on our Website—effective oral and written communications must be a strength.


The first task of leadership is knowing where you are trying to go.  This means understanding what will lead to success, then communicating it to those you are to lead, building trust, and showing how it can be done…a pretty tall order, but not everyone is an effective leader or aspires to be one.  Leadership skill is an enabling attribute for contributing at a high level, and is a major plus.


Specific Responsibilities


We need someone who can sell telecom products and technologies to technical managers.  You will need to know the mechanics and processes of selling and put them to work.


If you can sell our products and you’re an effective communicator, then there’s not a lot to learn to be effective in marketing communications.  However, understanding the mechanics of Web-based marketing communications will be valuable.


A strong understanding of product and market management is required in high-tech marketing.


An adept strategist won’t produce near-term results, but, in the long term, having an effective strategy is of paramount importance, and senior marketing management is expected to contribute to its synthesis.




This is an Atlanta-based position which does not include relocation.


Is this interesting?  If it is, you believe you would fit, and you would really like to help, we’d like to talk with you.