Get Connected

At Commetrex, communications is our business. That’s why we have launched “Get Connected!”


It’s all about connecting with our customers, partners, the media and others, in whatever style best fits your needs. Not only will you hear from us, with company and product updates as well as industry insights, but we also want to hear from you. Let us know how we are doing, what’s working , what’s not working, how you view our products and company, and what you would like to see from us in the future.


Whether you join us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Linkedin, now’s the time to Get Connected!

On YouTube, we will be posting videos about the company, our products, and our services. These will include training videos, product presentations, as well as product demonstrations. On the corporate side, look for industry interviews with leading members of the team, as well as state of the union updates.

Look for updates on our company and products on facebook. In addition, we will use facebook as a key communication tool for our customers and partners. We will look for your feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

Twitter will feature up-to-the-minute product and company updates, including product development activities, new product announcements, new customer and partner wins, product offers, press activity, and other significant company news. So, follow us on twitter for all the latest news from Commetrex.

On Linkedin, you’ll learn about our company and our employees. Who’s coming, who’s going, updates on our Board of Directors and Advisors, and any other significant corporate news.