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Fax: Making FoIP Work

December 3, 2012


With the number of ITSPs purchasing Smart ATA so they can stop saying to their customers, “Keep your POTS for fax,” NetGen has many new customers that have never had success with FoIP. Due to the fact that it’s all new to the company, this translates into plenty of time spent by our support team working with them to help these FoIP newcomers work out their FoIP network problems. …full article


Commetrex BladeWare: The Solution for Multi-Tech Systems’ FaxFinder IP

November 19, 2012


Since 2004, Multi-Tech Systems has been nearly alone in its ability to address the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) market for fax servers. Unlike most enterprise fax-server vendors, Multi-Tech has significant in-house hardware engineering capability. It leveraged this core competency to be the first company to offer a Class two fax modem and then developed its category-defining analog (PSTN interface) FaxFinder fax server. …full article


Fax Provider Commetrex Sits Down with TMC

November 5, 2012


At the recently concluded and highly successful ITEXPO Austin 2012, all of the biggest and brightest industry players in all areas of technology made sure they were present to network, learn from colleagues and showcase their innovative products and solutions. Commetrex, a company deeply rooted in the fax space, was one such business that made its way to Austin, TX., and even walked away with the coveted award of Best Service Provider Solution for its Smart FoIP offering. …full article


Fax Keeps User Connected Worldwide

October 23, 2012


Fax is increasingly being utilized by businesses all over the globe as a way to send time-sensitive and confidential documents to multiple parties. This offering enables users to rest assured that these vital pieces of information will not fall into the wrong hands and will instead be successfully sent the first time around to the intended individual. …full article


Car Dealership Turns to Fax Solution to Increase Speed

October 23, 2012


Fax is a hot topic that is in constant debate, similar to what we are currently seeing with the presidential election. Everyone has different views on this technological solution, with some believing its time has long passed and others still seeing the huge benefits associated when implementing this offering into their business environment including improving efficiency, dramatically reducing costs and streamlining processes. …full article


The Steady Use of Fax Still Seems to Perplex Many

October 15, 2012


For those of you out there who simply can’t imagine your lives without fax, you can sleep well tonight knowing this technology isn’t going anywhere any time soon. …full article


Mike Coffee Discusses FoIP at ITEXPO West 2012

October 12, 2012


Mike Coffee, CEO of Commetrex, discusses the company’s newest products with Stephanie Mosca of TMC. As Mike discloses in the interview, Commetrex has been on a crusade to make FoIP work in carriers’ neteworks.


Fax Provider Commetrex Discusses Recent Participation in ITEXPO Austin 2012

October 10, 2012


Over the years, newly introduced technologies continue to overtake legacy offerings as seen in the example of how we used to watch videos on VCRs and now watch our favorite shows and movies via discs that play on DVD players. However, the same cannot be said in regards to fax as this solution continues to be leveraged by businesses all over the globe. …full article


Commetrex’ Smart FoIP Technology Wins “Best Service Provider Solution” Award at ITEXPO West 2012

October 5, 2012


TMC today announced the winners of the Best of Show Award at ITEXPO Austin 2012, held this week at the Austin Convention Center. Winners of the prestigious Best of Show Award program are reserved for products or services that demonstrate raw creativity and technological innovation. …full article


Why Fax Is Key to Your Unified Communications Deployment

October 3, 2012


When it comes to unified communications and cloud-based systems, one feature that cannot be left out is fax. One panel at the Cloud Communications Expo today, collocated with ITEXPO (News – Alert) Austin 2012, revolved around just that subject. …full article


The Importance of the Newly Released and Highly Robust FoIP Analysis Tool, FaxTap for SIP

September 25, 2012


Touted as a fax provider that simply “makes FoIP work”, Georgia-based Commetrex has continued to evolve its fax offerings for over fifteen years. The company has gained tons of respect in the industry for its technologies that make it far less complex for users to move away from traditional fax and towards next-generation IP fax solutions. …full article


Keeping Your Fax Solution Current

September 24, 2012


Fax has been around for a long time and usually things that stay in use for the long term especially in a business setting where these organizations must constantly meet increasing and changing demands from customers, are there for a reason. And fax is here to stay for a multitude of reasons such as the fact that it will alert users once a fax has been successfully sent to its destination which drives efficiency, it can manage large files and even creates audit trails. …full article


Fax Provider Excited about Upcoming ITEXPO West 2012

September 18, 2012

It’s that time of year again—here comes ITEXPO West 2012, a not-to-miss communications and technology event that will be taking place from October 2-5, 2012 in the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. …full article


NetGen Communications Launches Smart ACS

September 18, 2012


NetGen Communications, a spin-off of fax provider Commetrex Corporation, has recently introduced the Smart ACS, which is based upon the OpenACS offering. …full article


Commetrex Releases FaxTap for SIP

September 18, 2012


Commetrex, a provider of technologies and products to telecom OEM and service providers, has recently unveiled its new fax-related product, FaxTap for SIP. …full article


Fax Communications Get a Boost with Smart ATA 2.0, Complete with Smart FoIP Integration

September 18, 2012


Today, NetGen Communications, Inc., a spin-off of Commetrex Corporation, has introduced version 2.0 of its Smart ATA product, complete with Commetrex’s patent-pending Smart FoIP. …full article


Commetrex Highlights Findings from SIPNOC

September 10, 2012


From June 25-27, Georgia-based fax provider Commetrex’ CEO, Mike Coffee, was at SIPNOC, a not-to-miss event that drives equipment vendors around the world to find out how they can overcome obstacles and barriers that are associated with the deployment of SIP-based networks. …full article


G.711 FoIP Failures: It’s Not for the Reason You Think!

August 15, 2012


No, it’s not usually due to dropped packets when your subscribers say, “I can send a single-page fax with good reliability, but multi-page faxes are unreliable.” …full article


Commetrex Addresses Fax Questions with Developer’s Wiki

August 10, 2012


The world of fax is not the simplest one to understand. Recent developments in VoIP and SIP have made the direction of fax technology shift, but luckily certain manufacturers and developers are on top of these changes and here to help. …full article


Renegade Radio Interview with Mike Coffee

August 8, 2012


Today, we are talking with Mike Coffee, CEO of Commetrex Corporation Alpharetta, GA, a supplier of FoIP technologies to the industry and the co-chair of the SIP Forum’s FoIP Task Group, about what is being done to make FoIP ready for the coming PSTN-to-IP transition. …full article


Cloud Ready? When Is a Fax Platform Cloud Ready?

August 1, 2012


So, what does it mean to be cloud-ready? Well, that depends on the application. …full article


The SIP Forum Presents SIPNOC

June 13, 2012


As IP-as-a-telephony transport matures, equipment vendors, service providers, and carriers are working out problems with implementing, configuring, and operating extra-enterprise FoIP. …full article


RFC3840 for FoIP Routing?

April 12, 2012


The telecom-industry media focus on the cloud and mobile is understandable since readers can easily identify with both. But if you dig down just a little, the movement of SIP from the enterprise to the carrier is a very big deal. Read more: …full article


FoIP Success with SIP Trunking

April 3, 2012


What is the key to FoIP success when using SIP trunking? First, you must have FoIP endpoints that really work. …full article


Talking Fax and FoIP at ITEXPO: Commetrex

March 1, 2012


ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami collected leaders from all corners of the communications technology map, among them, Mike Coffee, CEO of Commetrex …full article


Mike Coffee, Commetrex CEO, Discusses Smart ATA

February 3, 2012

While exhibiting at ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami, Erik Linask interviewed Mike Coffee to get the latest on Smart ATA …video


NetGen Introduces Smart ATA to Compete with Cisco IAD2400

January 31, 2012


NetGen Communications, Inc., a Commetrex Corporation, announced that its Smart ATA is now available from NetGen in evaluation quantities. …full article


The Challenges and Opportunities for FoIP

January 25, 2012


TMC’s ITEXPO East 2012 is just around the corner and in anticipation of this exciting event, we wanted to get closer to the action by talking with key industry players. …full article


Commetrex Brings FoIP Consulting to Fax Offerings

January 24, 2012


As a figure in the fax, fax-over-IP, and smart FoIP technologies arena, Commetrex makes a point of staying abreast of the latest developments in said industries, and participates by making headway with its own services. …full article


FoIP Provider Spin-Off NetGen Announces the Availability of Smart ATA

January 24, 2012


NetGen Communications, a spin-off of Commetrex that handles the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of FoIP products powered by Commetrex’ technologies, announced the availability of Smart ATA in evaluation quantities. …full article


Discussion on Fax to Explore “The Paperless Office”

January 18, 2012


As a member of TMC’s Editorial team, I look forward to the ITEXPO trade show twice a year for several reasons, not the least of which is getting to watch the best and brightest minds in the communications technology industry hash it out with each other during moderated panel discussions on various topics. …full article


Ingate Announces New SIP Trunk Academy, Schedule and Speakers for SIP Trunk-Unified Communications Seminars at ITEXPO

January 5, 2012


Providing in-depth educational sessions on SIP trunking and Unified Communications, Ingate(R) Systems announces the new SIP Trunk Academy as part of the SIP Trunk-Unified Communications (UC) Seminars at ITEXPO. …full article

2011 News


Fax Is Definitely Not Dead, Especially Not for SMBs

November 10, 2011


With most of the hottest news from the technology world surrounding “exciting” things such as iPhones, cable TV cord-cutting, social media, and other such topics, we lose sight of the applicable, every-day technologies. …full article


Commetrex Demonstrates Fax Capability at ITEXPO West

October 12, 2011


Think fax technology is dead? Think again – even with the technology advancements in telecommunications, a number of companies continue to use fax technology in their business. …full article


Commetrex Discusses the Latest in Solving the Fax Problems at ITEXPO

September 30, 2011


ITEXPO West 2011 was nothing short of chock full of the technology industry’s leading experts, and Mike Coffee, CEO of Commetrex, was among them, sharing how Commetrex is addressing all of the problems in the fax world that service providers have been “begging” to have fixed. …full article


Mike Coffee Explains Smart ATA at ITEXPO West

September 14, 2011


Eric Linask, Group Editorial Director of TMC, interviews Mike Coffee, CEO of Commetrex.


Copia Addresses Fax Challenges with Help from Commetrex

July 14, 2011


Copia International, an innovator in fax-server and mission-critical fax-broadcast software markets, needed to make a move to become better equipped to address the SMB market segment. The solution was found in the combination of Sangoma’s telephony boards and Commetrex’ BladeWare HMP fax platform. …full article


Commetrex Plans to Heat up Austin at ITEXPO West 2011

July 5, 2011


Austin may be one cool town, but this September Commetrex is going to heat it up with its announcement of Smart ATA. …full article


Commetrex Launches Fax Community on

June 28, 2011


Commetrex launched the Fax Community on TMCnet. The Fax Community is designed for decision-makers from service providers and enterprise fax OEMs seeking information about fax technologies including Fax-over-IP (FoIP) and media-processing software. …full article


Tom Ray Interviewed at ITEXPO East 2011

February 2011


Commetrex’ EVP, Sales & Marketing, Tom Ray, was recently interviewed by TMC’s Juliana Kenny at ITEXPO East and discussed Commetrex’ recent activities related to IP Fax and highlighted some of the new products recently announced.


Commetrex’ CEO Mike Coffee Interviewed ITEXPO East 2011

February 2011


Commetrex’ CEO, Mike Coffee, was recently by TMC’s Rich Tehrani at ITEXPO East 2011 and discussed the FoIP testing, led by the Sip Forum’s FoIP Task Group, currently underway with i3 forum members, and commented on the significant role Commetrex is playing in that critical testing.


Commetrex’ CEO Mike Coffee Highlighted on TMCnet’s Hosted VoIP Channel

January 2011


To develop a better understanding about the current state of the fax industry and the recent push for fax over IP (FoIP), TMC’s CEO Rich Tehrani recently sat down with our own Mike Coffee, chief executive at Commetrex, a leading provider of these technologies. Coffee and Tehrani also talked about other major topics in the telecom space, including the impact of net neutrality regulations, social media and the “knitting together” of the carriers’ IP islands. …full article

2010 News


“Smart FoIP” featured in Mike Coffee interview on TMCnet’s Enterprise FoIP Channel


The Fax over IP market is a booming industry, simply because so many companies have made the move to all IP environments and need to integrate their fax capabilities into the network. TMCnet recently interviewed our ceo, Mike Coffee, to understand how Commetrex is moving in this space. The interview was captured on video. To view the interview and learn more, go to Commetrex CEO: The Introduction of Smart FoIP at


Commetrex’ CEO Mike Coffee interviewed at ITEXPO West 2010


Commetrex’ CEO Mike Coffee was interviewed by TMC’s Erin Harrison at ITEXPO West 2010 and highlighted Commetrex’ recently announced “Smart FoIP” offering and how it is resolving major problems that currently exist in fax over IP deployments. He also highlighted the fully-featured BladeWare telephony platform.


Commetrex’ EVP, Sales & Marketing, Tom Ray, interviewed at ITEXPO West 2010


Commetrex’ EVP, Sales & Marketing, Tom Ray, was interviewed by TMC’s Juliana Kenny at ITEXPO West 2010, and profiled Commetrex’ product line highlighted at the show. In particular, Tom focused on the depth of Commetrex’ fax offerings, for both PSTN and IP deployments.


Commetrex’ CEO Mike Coffee interviewed by Erik Linask of


Commetrex’ CEO, Mike Coffee, was recently interviewed by TMC’s Erik Linask and shared his insights on the future of IP Fax and Commetrex’ critical role in making FoIP a reality.


Commetrex’ CEO Mike Coffee Interviewed by Rich Tehrani of


Commetrex’ CEO, Mike Coffee, was interviewed by TMC’s Rich Tehrani and shared his insights on the future of IP Fax (FoIP). That interview is featured on the IP Fax Channel on Mike made this bold prediction regarding today’s challenges with the widespread adoption of FoIP, “The SIP Forum and the i3 Forum will join forces and solve the FoIP tandem-network problem.” You can read that interview in its’ entirety at ITEXPO 2010 Speaker: The Future of IP Fax in the All-IP Environment.


Commetrex’ CEO Mike Coffee featured on Online Fax channel at


TMCnet recently interviewed Mike about Fax over Internet Protocol or FoIP, which, if it becomes widespread can finally mean the end to the other, more expensive and/or less flexible means of faxing. Much like how VoIP has relegated PSTN for voice. That interview is featured on the Online Fax Channel on You can read that interview in its’ entirety at Q&A with Commetrex on FoIP.


Commetrex’ Tom Ray Talks about Enterprise Fax OEMs with


Commetrex’ EVP, Sales & Marketing, Tom Ray, was recently interviewed by for their TMCnews channel. The interview was about how Commetrex’ burgeoning relationship with Sangoma Technologies is changing the landscape for enterprise fax OEMs. Tom points out that the combination of Sangoma’s unrivaled line of PCI and PCI Express analog and digital PSTN-interface boards, when combined with BladeWare, our HMP media server with T.38 and V.34 support, suddenly gives the Commetrex fax-server OEM the industry’s broadest market coverage.


Tom sums up the relationship like this, “we believe the combination of Commetrex’s BladeWare technology in concert with the Sangoma product line and the overall price-performance make this a compelling solution for the enterprise fax OEM.” This interview is featured as a TMCnews Featured Article, VoIP Gateways: Sangoma to Offer Enterprise Fax with Commetrex on


Commetrex’ CEO Mike Coffee Highlighted on TECHZone 360

TechZone 360Leading technology industry associations the SIP Forum and the i3 Forum have joined forces to help spur the interoperability of SIP-based carrier services, including Fax-over-Internet-Protocol (FoIP) interoperability on a global basis. Commetrex’ CEO, Mike Coffee, is among the co-leaders of the SIP Forum’s FoIP Task Group, which was launched to address the technical and interoperability challenges involving the transmission of fax documents over a SIP-enabled network. To learn more visit TECHZONE