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Fun in the Sun at ITEXPO Miami 2015!


Come meet our sister company NetGen Communications at ITEXPO Miami, in booth 710.  The event, being held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, in Miami Beach, FL, January 28-30, 2015 brings together companies of all sizes and representing all sectors of the IP Communications industry.  There you can see Smart ATA®, the MX gateways, and get a sneak peek at WROC, our new wireless and extensible PBX.  Select the complimentary pass that best describes you: VIP Conference Pass or Reseller Pass.

Past Events

ITEXPO Vegas 2014


August 11-14, 2014
The Rio
Las Vegas, NV


Mark your calendars for ITEXPO Vegas 2014, scheduled for August 11-14, 2014. Be sure to stop by our booth to find out how we make FoIP work! We’ll be there along with our sister company, NetGen Communications, and its partner from Shanghai, New Rock Technologies. Please plan to stop by booth 520 and learn more about Smart ATA, NetGen’s soon-to-be-announced wireless IP PBX, and other solutions we offer to make FoIP work for you.

Cloud Partners 2014


September 8-10, 2014
Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA


We’ll be exhibiting for the first time at Cloud Partners this September. We’re extending our market reach and are very excited about the new opportunity. Check back soon for more details!

ITEXPO Miami 2014


Commetrex is a big fan of the ITEXPO conferences. Smart ATA® made its debut at ITEXPO West 2011. Smart FoIP®, the patent-pending technology that powers Smart ATA, won Best of Show: Best Service Provider Solution at ITEXPO West 2012. We’ve gotten tons of leads at the shows and received great reviews on the product. Needless to say, we were at the most recent show: ITEXPO East 2014 in Miami Beach — for all of three hours on the last day.


You probably heard about the “snowpocalyse” that hit Atlanta in February. Or maybe you live in the Atlanta area and suffered through it, perhaps missing a flight or having yours cancelled. Well, it delayed our flight to Miami by two days. We persevered though and made it there for the last day of the show.


It was still a great experience and worth the effort. We received more great feedback on Smart ATA from the interested parties who came by our booth. If you were at the show but our abbreviated booth hours kept you from speaking with us, please send us an email and ask any questions you have.

ITEXPO Vegas 2013


ITEXPO Vegas was both fun and rewarding. We had some great conversations with service providers, resellers, and large businesses about how we overcome FoIP problems. While the star of our booth was still Smart ATA, our new FaxTap for SIP product stole the spotlight when it won Best of Show in the category of Best Service Provider Solution.

WebRTC Conference & Expo 2013 Atlanta



Commetrex CEO Mike Coffee discusses the company’s FoIP, VXML and future WebRTC solutions with Rich Tehrani of TMC.

ITEXPO Miami 2013


ITEXPO Miami was a great success for us and our co-exhibitor, NetGen Communications.


Most of our booth traffic was interested in Smart ATA, which is a great solution for ITSPs to share with their customers. The product was so well received that we had orders waiting for us before the show was even closed! We also introduced FaxTap for SIP, a new FoIP analysis tool that picks up where WireShark leaves off.


Mike Coffee’s Interview:

Smart ATA Product Demo:

ITEXPO West 2012


ITEXPO West was another hit for Commetrex, NetGen and Smart ATA. We spoke with many service providers who are seeking solutions to their FoIP problems and hoping to get away from keeping POTS lines for fax.


In addition to the many prospective customers at the show, Commetrex won a Best of Show award for its patent-pending Smart FoIP technology. The TMC panel of judges named Smart FoIP the Best Service Provider Solution at the show.


Above: Mike Coffee discusses Commetrex’ newest products with Stephanie Mosca, TMC, at ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami.

Mike Coffee explains how Smart FoIP works.

ITEXPO East 2012


The show in Miami was a huge success for Commetrex (and NetGen Communications). Smart ATA, an analog telephone adapter powered by our patent-pending Smart FoIP technology, was a big hit, especially with the ITSPs. We’re very excited about this new product and the overwhelming response we’ve received.


Above: Mike Coffee provides updates on Smart ATA to Erik Linask, TMC, at ITEXPO East 2012 in Miami.

Mike Coffee explains how Smart ATA improves FoIP reliability.

ITEXPO West 2011


We had a great time in Austin despite the heat! The show was a great success for us and we received tremendous feedback on our new product, Smart ATA. If you missed the show, read more in the product brochure or the press release, or watch the video, below, of Mike Coffee’s interview at the event.


Above: Mike Coffee, Commetrex CEO, discusses Smart ATA with Erik Linask of TMC at ITEXPO West in Austin.

Mike Coffee explains the benefits of Smart ATA to a potential customer.

ITEXPO East 2011


TEXPO is known for amazing giveaways—and this time was no different! And, Commetrex was proud to be one of the sponsors. Check out this happy winner at ITEXPO East 2011!


Commetrex exhibited at the recent IT Expo East 2011 event in Miami Beach, where we featured our industry-leading FoIP products, including our BladeWare fax application suite, Fax Media Server, Fax-to-Email, and Email-to-Fax, as well as our recently announced “Smart FoIP”. We also presented a prototype of our “Fax-in-a-Box” solution, which is planned for release later in 2011, and features BladeWare and the MSP FX S/O resource boards.

Commetrex was a sponsor of the Jeep Giveway at ITEXPO East 2011.

Commetrex exhibited at ITEXPO East 2011.

ITEXPO West 2010


Commetrex exhibited at the IT Expo West 2010 event in Los Angeles, where we featured our industry-leading FoIP products, including our BladeWare Fax application suite, Fax Media Server, Fax-to-Email, and Email-to-Fax, as well as our recently announced “Smart FoIP”. These products were of specific interest to our unified-messaging, IP-PBX, and Internet-service-provider customers. Also on display was the MSP product family of PCM resource boards. In addition, we introduced our BladeWare HMP VoIP products, including our VoiceXML initiative, featuring BladeWareVXi interpreter, and BladeWareStudio, our VoiceXML application creation environment. Finally, and not to be missed, were our licensed technologies, TerminatingT38, T.38 Fax Relay, and V.34.

Commetrex has a long history of participating in the ITEXPO shows.