Telecom Developer Portal

For the past 23 years, Commetrex® has made “developed for OEM” our way of life. Developers of digital-media telephony systems use our products to shorten time-to-market and reduce project costs. We forge strong partnerships with our customers by making our customer’s project an extension of our development.

Commetrex offers a variety of media-processing technologies for the voice and fax markets. And with our 20-year focus on fax, Commetrex has become the “Trusted Source for Fax Technologies”™ for the gateway and media-server telecom OEM, featuring products such as

Commetrex also offers products for the voice market, including G.168 Echo Canceller, Signal Generator/Detector, and Call Progress Analysis.

In addition, we offer BladeWareVXi, the commercial version of our open-source VoiceXML interpreter, BladeWareVXML. It is a significantly-enhanced version of OpenVXi, the industry’s most widely-deployed VoiceXML interpreter. To complement that offering, Commetrex introduced BladeWareStudio, a low-cost, easy-to-use, gui-based VoiceXML application-creation tool, specifically designed for the OEM.

But all of these technologies must be brought into execution on the correct call stream at the correct time as directed by the system’s client-level application.  The application is driven by calls in telephony systems, and that means call control or signaling.  So, how does all this play together?  Through the system’s telephony frame work and media-processing environment.

It’s no secret that developers often overlook the dozens of developer years needed to develop a comprehensive telephony platform and a media-processing environmen even though they are required on every digital-media telephony system. Ideally these critically important system components will provide a high ROI framework for system development.   But long go Commetrex decided that it did not make sense for every OEM to develop a proprietary solution to this problem giving rise to our three largest investments after fax technology:

This means that Commetrex has everything the OEM needs below the client applications in the diagram below.  The media-processing technologies, discussed above, are shown in light blue.  OpenMedia is light green.  The clent-level applications are teal/dark green, and the rest if OTF.