BladeWareVXi VXML Interpreter

BladeWareVXi is the commercial version of Commetrex’ BladeWareVXML Interpreter open-source offering. It is an enhanced version of OpenVXi, the most widely-used VoiceXML interpreter on the globe. The enhancements made will be of great interest to many of the OpenVXi users; especially those looking for significantly improved performance and strict adherence to the VoiceXML standard. Moreover, VoiceXML is the critical enabling technology in the industry’s move to separate service logic and content from the telephony-specific network elements, moving it instead to Web servers. It is the first product of a comprehensive open-source VoiceXML browser product suite from Commetrex Corporation. BladeWareVXi follows the W3C VoiceXML 2.1 dialog markup language specification, enabling developers to take advantage of well-known Web technologies and tools when building voice applications. An interpreter, such as BladeWareVXi, is an important component of any standards-compliant voice browser.

BladeWareVXi, based on OpenVXi, which was originally developed by SpeechWorks International, Inc., is available as open-source under the GNU General Public License.

BladeWareVXi was specifically designed for integration into an existing telephony platform. In fact, its’ predecessor, OpenVXi, has been adopted by more telephony platforms than any other VoiceXML interpreter. It consists of a collection of replaceable components to provide maximum flexibility to developers. Users can keep the components they would need and substitute their own where appropriate. BladeWareVXi is also easily enhanced to support proprietary grammar formats, URI types, and VoiceXML objects.

BladeWareVXi provides a critical component to all developers who need VoiceXML capabilities for their products, without requiring the development of the technology on their own and, therefore, eliminating the need to track changes and additions to the VoiceXML standard. For companies with existing VoiceXML platforms, BladeWareVXi serves as a reference to ensure that they are executing VoiceXML consistently, supporting cross-platform compatibility. As with other open-source technologies, developers can take advantage of any subsequent contributions to BladeWareVXi by Commetrex or any other contributing developers.

BladeWareVXi is designed for portability. It is suitable for use in VoiceXML-based applications, such as browsers, testers, and debuggers on a wide variety of architectures. Though workable for desktop systems, it targets telephony platforms in particular.

BladeWareVXi is fully internationalized and language agnostic. Since it is based on OpenVXi, it has been used in dozens of languages including US English, Mexican Spanish, Japanese, French, German, and Korean.


  • Fully VoiceXML 2.1 compliant
  • DTMF recognizer (sample code)
  • Supports all OpenVXi interfaces
  • Enhanced MRCP integration capability
  • SRGS grammar parser with SISR support
  • Full reference implementation
  • Significant performance improvements


  • Meets latest industry standard
  • Easy to build DTMF test applications
  • Easy to upgrade for OpenVXi-based platforms
  • Will reduce effort to integrate ASR/TTS
  • For testing
  • Significantly more ports per CPU

BladeWareVXi Package Contents

BladeWareVXi package consists of the following components:

  • VoiceXML interpreter source
  • BladeWareVXi interface headers
  • Reference implementations for the Internet, ECMAScript, Object, Log, Thread, and Value components
  • Reference simulator implementations for the Recognition, Prompt, and Telephony components
  • Reference application manager
  • HTML based Documentation
  • Sample VoiceXML applications
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 Project files to build the source on Win32
  • GNU make makefiles to build the source on Linux

BladeWareVXi Licensing/Support Options

For developers who wish to use BladeWareVXi for commercial distribution without GPL restrictions, BladeWareVXi includes a commercial license as well as source code, software support and maintenance. Additional advantages of the commercial license include redistribution rights, warranty, indemnification, access to beta versions, and priority response to feature requests. BladeWareVXi does not require that OEMs release their product under the GPL license.


BladeWareVXi license pricing is a per-port model, based on total volumes. In addition, there is a single license fee option. Annual maintenance pricing varies, based on the coverage you request. Please contact for specific pricing for your situation.