About Commetrex

For the past fifteen years, Commetrex® has made “Developed for OEM” a way of life. With a continued focus on fax, Commetrex has become the trusted source of fax technologies for the transition from traditional fax to IP fax, featuring products such as T.38 Fax Relay & TerminatingT38™(which we invented), T.30 Protocol, and V.34 Fax Modem. And now, many in the industry look to Commetrex technology as the standard for T.38 interoperability.


T.38 Fax Relay Software

Commetrex is the industry-leading developer of T.38 fax relay software, providing the highest-performing T.38 fax relay software for use in IP networks for the ATA or gateway OEM . T.38 fax relay software from Commetrex supports data and controls redundancy, meets the ITU-T recommendations, and supports proprietary protocols for secure-fax applications by converting data to an audio stream, which greatly reduces the effects of packet loss.



Commetrex has led the industry effort for T.38 interoperability since January 2002 when it launched the T.38 Interoperability Test Lab…


Although Commetrex’ purpose is to serve the OEM with the industry’s best value-adding platform, service providers have sponsored…


BladeWare is Commetrex’ portable HMP telephony platform used by OEMs as the framework for telephony gateways and servers…

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