Media-Processing Technologies

Compliant With TI’s TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard and the MSP Consortium’s M.100

Commetrex’ Any Media…Any Port…Anytime™ technology means the end of fixed-function system resources. Unlike other vendors that bundle media processing, such as voice or fax, with their hardware, Commetrex licenses media resources on a maximum-concurrent-port basis. The same technologies are also available as licensed technology for your embedded media-processing application. Either way, you get Commetrex’ unsurpassed expertise in developing effective resource-efficient media technologies.



Fax Relay

  • T.38 fax relay (Real time Fax over IP)
  • I.366.2 fax relay (Real-time Fax over ATM)
  • Fax relay for Frame Relay (Real-time Fax over Frame Relay)

Terminating Fax

  • T.30 (Fax-Protocol Engine)
  • T.4/T.6 (Image Formatting)
  • Embedded and Host-Level Font Rendering
  • Real-Time Image Conversions
  • Image Conversion Library
  • TerminatingT38
  • T.38 & G.711 Pass-Through Fax

Availability: C54x, C6x and portable C


  • Caller ID

Availability: C51, C6x and portable C

  • Signal Generator/Detector – General Facility plus DTMF and MF(R1,R2)
  • Call-Progress Analysis
  • Call Classifier

Availability: C54x, C6x and portable C

  • OpenEndpoint


  • G.711G.726
  • G.726 Voice Transcoding Subsystem
  • G.723.1
  • G.729a/b
  • G.168 Echo Canceler

Availability: C6x and portable C


Open Media

  • MSP Consortium’s M.100 Standard
  • Media Portability
  • System Resource Efficiency
  • Hardware Independence and Multi-Processor Support

Availability: C6x, portable C, and Windows NT


  • V.21
  • V.22bis

Availability: C51 and C6x

  • V.34 fax

Availability: C6x and portable C

Fax Modems

(V.21, V.27ter, V.29 fax, V.17 fax, V.33, Fax Modem Bundle and V34 fax) Commetrex’ fax modems, with over a decade of field experience, have been deployed on nearly 20 different proprietary embedded platforms that use the ‘C10, ‘C31, ‘C51, ‘C5400, and ‘C6000 DSPs from the Texas Instruments TMS320Cxxx family. These modems are used to send and receive over one million fax pages a day by companies around the world. The modems may be licensed in object-code format as either TI eXpressDSP- or MSP Consortium M.100-compliant versions. Source-code licenses are also available in both C-language and DSP-specific assembly language for the ‘C5400 and ‘C6000.


(G.711, G.726, G.726 VTS, G.723.1, G.729a/b, VAD/CNG, G.168 Echo Canceller) Commetrex’ vocoders are available for license in C-source and in TMS320 Algorithm Standard or MSP Consortium M.100 versions for the TMS320C6000. They include G.711, G.726, G.723.1, and G.729a/b. Commetrex is also shipping a G.168-conformant echo canceller, voice activity detection, tone detection/reinsertion, and comfort noise generation.

Media-Processing Software Environment

All of Commetrex’ media-stream-processing technologies are available in both TMS320 Algorithm Standard and MSP Consortium M.100-conforming versions. And all offer media portability, system-resource efficiency, and multi-processor support. OpenMedia is Commetrex’ award-winning implementation of M.100, offering the system developer the industry’s only standards-based multi-stream multi-vendor multi-media software environment. With OpenMedia, the system developer can license the media technologies of any compliant implementation without concern for environment incompatibilities. Moreover, OpenMedia is hardware independent, allowing it to be used in any proprietary embedded or host-signal processing system.


Commetrex offers all the telephony media-processing technologies needed for a full-function call-processing system in both TMS320 Algorithm Standard & MSP Consortium M.100 versions. Licenses are available for both C-source and version-specific implementations for the ‘C6x. Commetrex’ Call-Progress Analysis is based on 15 years of experience in implementing telephony systems. The algorithm’s design eliminates the need for “training programs”, dramatically reducing field-support costs. Signal Generator/Detector is designed to provide the functionality required to implement the ECTF S.100 facility. Commetrex’ robust implementation of Caller ID has five years of field experience. The Caller ID Transmitter provides the ability to transmit caller identification data, in both the on-hook and off-hook states. For the on-hook state, the algorithm implementation is limited to that of data transmission during the first long silent period between ring cycles. The implementation is compliant with both Telcordia and ETSI specifications. Commetrex’ Call Classifier determines whether a call is voice, fax, or data by examining the call’s media stream. This function is useful in media gateways that accept PSTN calls without knowing the type of stream processing, such as vocoder, fax or data modem relay, to place in the call path.

Data Modems

(V.21, V.22bis, V.34 fax) Commetrex has developed V.21 and V.22bis data modems for the ‘C51 and ‘C6x DSPs. Other high-speed data modems are in development. Please check for availability.

Fax Relay

(T.38 Fax Relay, I.366.2 Fax Relay, FRF.11.1 Fax Relay) As carriers move to converged-media networks, the demand for real-time fax over packet networks is growing rapidly. Commetrex has developed and deployed T.38 Fax Relay Software to support this rapid move to the seamless all-media network. T.38 Fax Relay is a software product that implements real-time fax-over-packet based on the ITU T.38 Fax Relay recommendation with support for versions 0 and 3 for IP networks, on the I.366.2 (AAL2) recommendation for ATM networks, and FRF.11.1 for frame relay. T.38 Fax Relay is available for the TI ‘C5400, C5500 and ‘C6000 DSPs.

Terminating Fax

(T.30/T.4/T.6/T.38) There are some excellent products that test for fax interoperability, but Commetrex has found from experience that the only way to develop a truly robust fax protocol engine, based on the ITU T.30 recommendation, is to develop and deploy one. Commetrex operates with the world’s legacy fax terminals. This experience is included in every license we grant for our PortableT30 product. Not only is PortableT30 designed from the ground up for portability, it is the most maintainable product of its kind. PortableT30 is based on Commetrex’ exclusive Finite State Machine Design Tool (FSM) that reduces design changes to simple edits of a graphical screen. The executable is then automatically generated. FSM is included in PortableT30 source-code licenses. Additionally, Commetrex’ PortableT30 software supports embedded and host-level font rendering, as well as real-time image conversions supporting T.4 and T.6. To complement PortableT30, Commetrex offers the Image Conversion Library, a software package that supports the real-time conversions required by Commetrex’ PortableT30 and a set of off-line conversions that support the creation of complex fax-image files. The Image Conversion Library’s support for dynamic re-encoding and page-width resizing means that T.30 connect negotiations will not fail due to a mismatch in facilities between the sending and receiving terminals.

Also of interest is Commetrex’ TerminatingT38™, a combination of its ITU T.38 fax and T.30 ITU fax protocol engines, which gives the developer of a network-service platform or an enterprise fax server the technology necessary to terminate T.38 (IP network) real-time fax transmissions the same as it would real-time faxes from the PSTN using analog modems. When combined with Commetrex’ stand-alone T.38 fax, the developer can implement both terminating and standard fax-gateway functions on the same platform, combining the functions of the service platform and the gateway.

T.38 & G.711 Pass-Through Fax (formally Multi-Modal Terminating Fax or MMTF) is a combination of TerminatingT38 and Commetrex’ analog fax modem bundle with an RTP interface that allows the T.30 protocol engine to terminate faxes to and from gateways with and without T.38 support. And it’s an all-in-one package optimized for embedding on the TI TMS320C6000 DSP boards.