Whether a coding issue, setup problem, interoperability challenges, or even the most obscure bug, Commetrex’ dedicated, problem-solving staff is here to support you.

We offer a variety of support options, including annual support agreements and time-and-material contracts, all designed to meet your specific needs.

Support & Development Site

We launched in an effort to provide a collaborative development environment with our partners and to provide support. Access to the site is limited to registered users, so if you don’t already have a user account you may register as a new user. If you have questions about the site, please contact us.

How to Get the Best Support in the Industry

  1. Register on Post your ticket as explained below. Include your complete contact information.
  2. If the issue involves external networks, fully describe them. Diagrams are great. Identify third-party network elements and networks. IP addresses are helpful.
  3. Thoroughly describe the problem. Is it repeatable? Lab, field, or both?
  4. Attach any appropriate logs you can collect. If it involves an FoIP session, include a Wireshark capture.

What Our Customers Are Saying

This is some of the feedback Commetrex has received from a customer-support satisfaction survey.

Quick response and people who know what they’re talking about.

The continued personal contact and tech support from Commetrex is better than any company I’ve worked with.

Thanks for your quick response!

These statements reflect Commetrex’ deep understanding of the way our value-adding industry works. Our products are just the beginning of a process that is complete only when your end user is satisfied. Commetrex looks at your development effort as an extension of its own. Our engineers take ownership of your questions, issues and problems.