Strategic Partners

Commetrex has formed strategic technology partnerships with companies in the telecommunications market to augment our in-house capabilities. Listed below are a few of those technology partners.

Sangoma Technologies Corporation


Sangoma Technologies Corporation is the premium provider of telephony hardware for PSTN connectivity. Sangoma develops and manufactures the highly regarded Advanced Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) product line, on which Commetrex’ MSP product line is based. By offering AFT for both Linux and Windows, with the industry’s broadest selection of PCI and PCI Express boards for analog and digital PSTN connections, Sangoma gives the BladeWare™ user unmatched deployment flexibility.

Texas Instruments, Inc


Texas Instruments, Inc. is the leading worldwide designer and supplier of digital signal processing semiconductors (DSPs). Commetrex has optimized its modems for the TI C5X and C6X DSPs and is a leading member of the TI Third-Party Developers Network, offering over 50 DSP algorithms on the TI Website to other TI OEMs.

Voice3g, LLC


Voice3g, LLC. provides its clients with the ideas and skills needed to launch new products, take operational and strategic advantage of new voice technologies, and leverage existing projects and systems to new levels of effectiveness. Voice3g brings deep voice-technology expertise to Commetrex’ VoiceXML initiative, with a focus on BladeWareStudio, Commetrex’ VoiceXML application creation tool, and BladeWareVXi, Commetrex’ VoiceXML interpreter offering.