Unified Messaging Customers

Commetrex has formed technology partnerships with companies in the service-provider, unified messaging, IP-PBX, carrier, and fax-server markets. Listed below are a few of our technology partners within these markets.



Acision is a leading messaging company, with worldwide headquarters in Reading, U.K., that provides communication solutions for over 300 network operators and service providers globally. Acision utilizes Commetrex’s technologies including TerminatingT38 to provide T.38 fax termination in the Acision VoiceMail product.



BroadSoft develops VoIP application software that let fixed and mobile service providers offer calling features to their enterprise and residential customers. BroadSoft’s customer list reads like a who’s who of the major telecommunications players worldwide, including Korea Telecom, Singtel, Sprint, Telefonica de Espana, Telstra, T-Systems, and Verizon. Broadsoft utilizes Commetrex’s TerminatingT38 to provide T.38 fax termination in its hosted-fax solution.



CTI², an Audiocodes company, with headquarters in Israel, develops IP-based and standards-based, enhanced messaging and communications platforms deployed worldwide by service providers and enterprises. CTI² platforms provide solutions that have been specifically developed to meet the market requirements. CTI²’s platforms fully integrate data and voice messaging services over Internet, Intranet, PSTN, cellular, cable and enterprise networks. CTI² also offers messaging and communications solutions for enterprise customers. CTI² utilizes license technologies from Commetrex including BladeWare™ Fax Media Server, in their enterprise product solution.



The core product at Cycos is the unified communications suite mrs (message routing system). The mrs messaging functions with computer-telephony applications, intelligent call and message distribution, voice portals, voice-controlled routing and multi-media contact center functionality. Cycos’ mrs technology platform provides users with a unified mailbox for all communication services and offers a basis for enhanced efficency. Cycos is headquartered in Germany. Licensed technologies integrated into Cycos’ technology platform include Commetrex’ TerminatingT38 and Multi-Modal Terminating Fax.



eServGlobal, with worldwide headquarters in Paris, France, produces software systems that connect telecommunications networks with the charging, billing, and payments worlds. Carriers use eServGlobal’s software to provide and charge for phone calls, value-added services, and advanced messaging in real time. Commetrex’BladeWare™ Fax Media Server is embedded in eServGlobal’s service-provider platform to provide hosted fax services.



e-Telko Sp. z o.o. from Poland, provides technology, tools and indispensable know-how in order to operate a wide range of telecommunication services at highly competitive international rates. e-Telko uses BladeWare™ Fax-to-Email Server for its Fax-to-Email offering.



GENBAND is a supplier of next-generation IP-gateway and application solutions that enable fixed wireline, mobile, and cable-network service providers to rapidly deploy new multimedia services. GENBAND’s M5 Application Server controls the BladeWare™ Fax Media Server via the SIP-based MSCML application-server-media-server protocol to provide fax-enabled unified messaging.

Interactive Intelligence Inc


Interactive Intelligence Inc. is a global provider of unified business communications solutions for contact center automation, enterprise IP telephony, and business process automation.The company has developed an all-in-one IP communications software suite that’s scalable and standards-based, offering single-platform architecture with inherent multi-channel processing to deliver comprehensive applications minus the cost and complexity introduced by multi-point vendors. Interactive Intelligence utilizes Commetrex’ licensed technologies, including TerminatingT38, Image Conversion Library, and the Fax Modem Bundle.



Iperia’s, service creation platform technology, serves both service providers (wire line, wireless, and broadband) and enterprise companies worldwide. Iperia’s enterprise platform allows the integration of new and existing applications into a voice-enabled framework. Iperia’s ActivEdge software is based on open industry standards, such as SIP and VoiceXML, and leverages off-the-shelf hardware components. Iperia offers applications plus an open architecture that provides interoperability with shared resources and systems. BladeWare™, Commetrex’ all-software media server supports fax send-receive using both T.38 and G.711 pass-through faxes in SIP-based service networks, such as IMS. IPeria uses BladeWare™ Fax Media Server in its ActivEdge software.

Kapsch CarrierCom AG


Kapsch CarrierCom AG, from Vienna, Austria, is a supplier of services and solutions for service providers and carriers. Kapsch’s service offering comprises the complete range of modern communication networks: from fixed, mobile and data networks via broadband communication, Internet solutions, next neneration networks, UMTS up to service enabling and mediation platforms. Kapsch’s customer, Telecom Austria utilzes this solution. Kapsch CarrierCom has incorporated Commetrex’ BladeWare™ Fax-to-Email Server as part of Kapsch CarrierCom´s Mississippi hosted VoIP network architecture.

MetaSwitch Networks


MetaSwitch Networks, formerly Data Connection Limited (DCL), is based in the UK, and is a leading telephony and communications technology company that delivers software and hardware products that span traditional and next generation networks, including the move towards IMS. Data Connection has acquired licensed technology from Commetrex, including TerminatingT38.



Movius delivers carrier-grade messaging and multimedia solutions over IP, TDM and enterprise networks. Movius offers applications, including voicemail, unified messaging, conferencing, SMS, MMS, text to speech, speech recognition, fax, IVR voice portal, color ringback tones, prepaid billing, video portal, video conferencing, video mail and video gaming, all built using open standards-based technologies such as VoiceXML. Movius utilizes a host of licensed technologies from Commetrex, including TerminatingT38, Image Conversion Library, and the Fax Modem Bundle.

Openwave Systems


Openwave Systems’ IP-based handset-to-network solutions enable the rapid launch of information, communication and entertainment services across networks and devices and include handset software, content delivery, adaptive messaging, location, and music and video services. Openwave has licensed technologies from Commetrex including BladeWare™ Email-to-Fax and BladeWare™ Fax-to-Email.

Siemens Enterprise Communications Group


Siemens Enterprise Communications Group, headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a premier provider of end-to-end enterprise communications, including voice, network infrastructure and security solutions that use open, standards-based architectures to unify communications and business applications for a seamless collaboration experience. This award-winning “Open Communications” approach enables organizations to improve productivity and reduce costs through easy-to-deploy solutions that work within existing IT environments, delivering operational efficiencies. A critical component in Siemens Enterprise Communications Groups HiPath product solution is Commetrex’ T.38 Fax Relay.

Teles Informationstechnologien AG


Teles Informationstechnologien AG is a Berlin, Germany based provider of equipment, solutions, and services to fixed, fixed-mobile convergence, and Next-Generation-Network (NGN) service providers. Teles has incorporated Commetrex’ BladeWare™ Fax-to-Email Server as part of its UM offering.