VoiceXML Customers

Long known for its industry-leading fax products, Commetrex has recently launched a major voice initiative with the introduction of two key products, BladeWareVXi, a VoiceXML interpreter based on OpenVXi, and BladeWareStudio, a VoiceXML 2.1-compliant application creation tool, developed specifically for OEMs and resellers. BladeWareVXi is a VXML 2.1-compliant commercial VoiceXML interpreter. An earlier open-source version was available as BladewareVXML. BladeWareStudio is unique in its’ design and approach, making it easy-to-customize and use. Listed below are some of the companies that use Commetrex’ VoiceXML product offerings.

Aspect Software, Inc


Aspect Software, Inc. provides software and consulting services that turn the potential of unified communications into real business results across the enterprise and in the contact center. Aspect offers its contact-center customers Aspect Studio, a product offering based on BladeWareStudio, to allow them to quickly and easily develop IVR applications based on VoiceXML.

Engineering.IT spa


Engineering.IT spa has a solid and extensive portfolio of business” and “operational” solutions (BSS / OSS) as well as strong expertise in application development for specific customer requirements. Engineering’s flexibility, innovation, time-to-market, performance characterize their offer for the Telco sector in an age of convergence and innovation. Engineering utilizes Commetrex’ BladeWareVXi, as a key component in its VoiceXML-based solutions.

Interactive Intelligence Inc


Interactive Intelligence Inc. is a global provider of unified business communications solutions for contact center automation, enterprise IP telephony, and business process automation.The company has developed an all-in-one IP communications software suite that’s scalable and standards-based, offering single-platform architecture with inherent multi-channel processing to deliver comprehensive applications. Interactive Intelligence utilizes Commetrex’ BladeWareVXi, as the key component in its VoiceXML-based IVR offering.

Portugal Telecom Inovação, SA (PTI)


Portugal Telecom Inovação, SA (PTI) is a member company of the Portugal Telecom Group. Being PT’s technology anchor, PTI leads the innovation process within the group universe through knowledge gathering, services and solutions development, integration and telecoms engineering, and training services provision. PTI develops competencies in the various disciplines and sectors of telecommunications and information technology markets, through know-how in multi-service networks, information systems, and multimedia. Portugal Telecom utilizes Commetrex’ BladeWareVXi, in its VoiceXML-based platform offering.

Sandata Technologies, Inc


Sandata Technologies, Inc. provides a complete package of information technology solutions for the home healthcare and social services communities, which includes scheduling, time-and-attendance, billing, payroll, compliance and clinical applications. This comprehensive information-technology offering enables companies and organizations with remote workforces the ability to realize administrative cost savings, streamlined operational procedures, and significantly reduced paperwork burdens. Sandata Technologies’ VoiceXML-based solutions utilize Commetrex’ BladeWareVXi, as the VoiceXML interpreter component.