Commetrex Announces BladeWareVXML Open-Source VoiceXML Available on Sourceforge

Commetrex Joins VoiceXML Forum


Roswell, GA, September 10, 2007 – Commetrex Corporation announced today the availability of BladeWareVXML Interpreter on as a free download. A commercial version, BladeWareVXML Interpreter Commercial Edition (CE), with additional enhancements and support options is also available from the Commetrex Website.


According to Tom Ray, EVP, sales and marketing for Commetrex: “This is a significantly enhanced version of OpenVXi, the most widely-used VoiceXML interpreter. The enhancements we have made will be of great interest to many of the OpenVXi users; especially those looking for significantly improved performance and strict adherence to the standard. In addition, this interpreter will form a key element in our full open-source VoiceXML browser product offering, scheduled for general release in 1H2008. We are delighted to be an active player in the open-source community and, as it is a key part of our strategy, we plan to roll-out additional open-source products in the coming months.”


Ray continued: “The BladeWare™ OEM platform and its ready-to-deploy applications, such as BladeWareFax-to-Email, have been well-received by the industry. But we’ve found that nearly all of our fax customers would prefer to move their voice applications to BladeWare . So the addition of a VoiceXML capability to our BladeWare™ HMP media server is part of our overall development plan for the BladeWare product family. Moreover, VoiceXML is the critical enabling technology in the industry’s move to separate service logic and content from the telephony-specific network elements, moving it instead to Web servers.”


BladeWareVXML Interpreter includes the following enhancements to OpenVXi:

  • Full VoiceXML 2.1 support, based on the final specification.
  • Very significant performance improvements, and memory reduction at runtime compared to OpenVXi.
  • 64-bit CPU support.
  • A fully functional, reference implementation you can run in a command shell for testing.
  • Many convenient additions are included, such as.
  • RGS grammar parser with SISR support.


Commetrex also announced that it has joined the VoiceXML Forum, a global industry organization, chartered to promote and to accelerate the adoption of VoiceXML-based applications worldwide. “We are pleased to be a member of the VoiceXML Forum. It’s important to benefit from early access to standards, emerging specifications, best practices and other resources, allowing us to expedite the delivery of product enhancements for our customers,” states Ray.


“The VoiceXML Forum credits its success in driving the market acceptance of VoiceXML to the backing and contributions of its diverse membership, “ said Dr. Mark A. Randolph, chairman, VoiceXML Forum. “The Forum welcomes Commetrex to its member community.”

About BladeWare


BladeWare™ is an open-architecture media server, which means developers can use the BladeWare APIs to develop proprietary applications, and even use “below-the-API” developer’s kits to extend BladeWare‘s functionality. But BladeWare is also available from Commetrex with two ready-to-deploy applications, BladeWareFax Media Server and BladeWare™Fax-to-Email. FMS turns a BladeWare system into a network appliance that is IMS MRF ready. BladeWareVXML, is Commetrex open-source VoiceXML product family, designed to operate as the IMS Media Resource Function Controller or MRFC for voice and Video application environments.

About Commetrex Corporation


Commetrex Corporation develops and markets enabling technologies for the gateway and media-server telecom OEM. Well known for its market-leading fax and other licensed media-processing technologies, Commetrex recently announced its 75th T.38 FoIP customer. Commetrex has recently completed a multi-year development effort that produced BladeWare, an IMS-ready software-only media server featuring Commetrex’ category-defining TerminatingT38. Now, Commetrex is enhancing the BladeWare IMS Media Resource Function by introducing comprehensive voice capabilities, including BladeWareVXML, an open-source VoiceXML-based Media Resource Function Controller. Commetrex’ list of licensees is a who’s who of the telecom industry, including Agere, Iperia, Genband, Castelle, Lucent, Sonus, OpenWave, Nortel, Broadsoft, Siemens, ShoreTel, Avaya, Empirix, LogicaCMG, and IP Unity Glenayre.