Commetrex Announces MSP-H8 X/O 8-Line Analog PCI Board

Enhances BladeWare Media Server, Supports Station and Office Trunks


San Jose, CA, March 21, 2007 – Commetrex Corporation today announced at VON Spring 2007 the second-quarter availability of its new MSP-H8 X/O PCI board for the telecom system developer and OEM. The new product, which Commetrex is exhibiting in booth 641 at the VON conference, is available as a PSTN network-interface resource for its BladeWare media server or as a hardware-only product for the OEM. The company said that the MSP-H8 X/O is distinguished by its use as a low-cost PCM interface in HMP systems that benefit from the high MIPS of today’s computers and support for both office and station interfaces on the same board.


Tom Ray, Commetrex’ EVP, Marketing & Sales, explained, “The MSP-H8 X/O is designed primarily for use in HMP systems. Although the board has a TI TMS320C5409 DSP, it will be predominantly used as the board’s controller to manage the trunk interfaces and data transfer. It also supports on-board echo cancellation. But the OEM can cost reduce low-density systems by using the host MIPS to do the heavy lifting of call-stream media processing. Moore’s Law has held for decades, but by comparison, the MIPS needed to process a telephony media stream have only modestly increased, so host MIPS are, essentially, free. This product empowers the OEM to take advantage of these developments, yet support the most demanding algorithms, such as V.34 fax.”


The MSP-H8 X/O includes four office interfaces (FXO) on the main board. There are two two-port daughterboard sites for either office or station interfaces, giving the OEM the option of supporting voice or fax terminals “behind” the server.


Pricing begins at $495 for the four-port board; the two-port daughterboards are $98 each. Commetrex also makes its media technologies, framework software, and an embedded-developer’s SDK available for use with the hardware.

About Commetrex Corporation


Commetrex Corporation develops and markets enabling technologies for the gateway and media-server telecom OEM. Well known for its market-leading fax and other licensed media-processing technologies, Commetrex recently announced its 75th T.38 FoIP customer. Commetrex has recently completed a multi-year development effort that produced BladeWare, an IMS-ready software-only media server featuring Commetrex’ category-defining TerminatingT38. Now, Commetrex is enhancing the BladeWare IMS Media Resource Function by introducing comprehensive voice capabilities, including BladeWare VXML, an open-source VoiceXML-based Media Resource Function Controller. Commetrex’ list of licensees is a who’s who of the telecom industry, including Agere, Iperia, Genband, Castelle, Lucent, Sonus, OpenWave, Nortel, Broadsoft, Siemens, ShoreTel, Avaya, Empirix, LogicaCMG, and IP Unity Glenayre.