Commetrex Announces Smart ATA

Roswell, GA; September 18, 2012 – Commetrex announced its latest fax-related product, FaxTap for SIP, which targets the FoIP-analysis and lawful intercept markets. General availability of FaxTap for SIP is slated for late Q4. A single-seat FaxTap for SIP license is $4250.


Marilyn Troup, Commetrex’ marketing director, explained: “For years, fax-over-IP (FoIP) has been shuttered in the enterprise network where users have racked up major savings by avoiding the expense of fax boards and dedicated fax lines. But now, with SIP trunking becoming ubiquitous, enterprises are bypassing the gateway and sending faxes directly into carrier networks. This presents users, both subscriber and provider, with a whole new set of problems that can only be solved with the proper tools, not to mention requirements for lawful intercept. That’s where Commetrex’ new FaxTap for SIP enters the picture.”


FaxTap for SIP allows network operators and equipment vendors to analyze FoIP calls and render the image, even if the call uses the high-speed V.34 fax modem, and it does it for both G.711 pass-through and T.38. Commetrex bills the product as being what the industry needs to finally move to reliable carrier-based FoIP, and there is also an OEM-developer’s version that accepts PCM recordings directly.


Cliff Schornak, the company’s CTO, says: “The open-source Wireshark program has been and remains the industry’s pre-eminent SIP-analysis tool. But those that use it to help diagnose FoIP problems know that Wireshark’s analysis of a fax call can be misleading. For example, Wireshark incorrectly flags any RTP packets following a re-Invite to T.38 as “malformed T.38” packets. Moreover, it has problems handling T.38 version 3 calls with V.34. And, of course, Wireshark does not render the image or provide much in the way of T.30 analysis. FaxTap for SIP picks up where Wireshark leaves off.


FaxTap forSIP analyzes FoIP calls with the accuracy and detail required to determine failure modes. FaxTap provides multiple levels of call analysis. The most basic is merely to render the fax image. The most detailed level provides a ladder diagram, listings of every T.38 frame, T.30 frame, and detailed image-line analysis. Low-level modem analysis can also be generated for all image-transfer modems, including V.34.”


The company is soliciting program participants from the service-provider and IP-carrier industries. For more information e-mail

About Commetrex


Commetrex provides technologies and products to the telecom OEM and service provider. BladeWare, the industry’s first HMP media server with support for both T.38 and G.711 pass-through fax, is now available with the industry’s broadest product line of PSTN interfaces, giving the user the option of supporting any network and any fax media. The company recently announced Smart FoIP, patent-pending technology that solves major industry-wide problems with FoIP over carrier networks.