Commetrex Offers FoIP Consulting to ITSPs

January 24, 2012; Atlanta, GA – Commetrex today announced the addition of FoIP consulting services to its portfolio of products and services. With over 13 years of experience in assisting telecom-equipment vendors, service providers, and carriers in the use of T.38 fax relay, Commetrex has watched the use of T.38 move from the confines of the enterprise network to the furthest reaches of IP-carrier networks via SIP trunking. And it hasn’t always been a smooth progression of wider-and-wider deployments. Commetrex offers products that directly address these problems, but the company says more is needed, so it is now lending a much-needed helping hand to the industry by offering its expertise to carriers, ITSPs, and enterprises to enable them to provide reliable FoIP-based services.


According to Cliff Schornak, Commetrex’ CTO, “ITSPs are surprised by the problematic nature of FoIP. The early-stage ITSP company never gives any thought to an infrastructure other than IP. They deploy IP voice and then turn their attention to fax, as their subscribers demand the savings that IP offers. By then, they are often suffering under a blizzard of trouble tickets related to FoIP when their subscribers aren’t getting the connect rates they are used to with PSTN fax. FoIP can be a challenge, where voice was not, since the timing requirements of the T.30 fax protocol cannot always be met over packet networks. They know this is the problem, but they don’t know how to fix it. Well … we do and we can help.”


Marilyn Troup, who heads up Commetrex’ marketing communications, points out: “We have unique products, such as Smart ATA and the BladeWare telephony server, that include patent-pending solutions to these problems, but often ITSPs are looking for outside expertise in applying the products. Regardless of the type or size of company, we can help our customers identify the appropriate solution that best addresses their unique needs.”


The company says it will accept time-and-material and fixed-price engagements.

About Commetrex Corporation


Commetrex, after providing industry-leading fax technologies to the telecom equipment OEM for over a decade, has developed BladeWare™, an advanced-architecture all-software telephony platform that supports FoIP with SIP signaling. In 2009, the company added support for digital and analog PSTN connectivity in partnership with Sangoma Technologies. The addition of support for PCI and PCI Express boards for analog office and station interfaces and ISDN PRI and BRI gives Commetrex the industry’s broadest fax-telephony product line for the enterprise-fax OEM.


In order to maintain its OEM focus, Commetrex spun off NetGen Communications, Inc. to develop and market end-user telecom products. Smart ATA is NetGen’s first of what will be a long line of voice, fax, and video telecom products that leverage Commetrex technology.