Commetrex’ FaxTap for SIP Wins Best of Show

Atlanta, GA – September 26, 2013 – Commetrex announced today that its newest product, FaxTap for SIP, won Best of Show in the category of Best Service Provider Solution at TMC’s ITEXPO Vegas 2013. According to TMC’s Erik Linask, FaxTap for SIP was recognized for providing the industry with a much-needed tool that gets service providers one step closer to reliable FoIP service, a challenge for the industry, and the stated mission of Commetrex.


According to Cliff Schornak, Commetrex’ CTO, FaxTap for SIP, a FoIP analysis tool, picks up where Wireshark leaves off. Prior to the availability of FaxTap for SIP, carriers depended on WireShark, a popular open-source tool, to identify FoIP problems, but Wireshark’s strength isn’t FoIP. According to Schornak, FaxTap was designed from the ground up for FoIP analysis. This means it doesn’t incorrectly identify T.38 packets and is able to provide a comprehensive analysis of the T.30 session, even if it’s G.711 and even if it’s V.34. FaxTap extracts SIP FoIP sessions, provides a comprehensive T.30 analysis, and renders the fax image for both G.711 and T.38, including support for V.34 fax. There is also an OEM version for lawful-intercept applications.

About Commetrex


Founded in 1990, Commetrex Corporation provides industry-leading fax technologies to telecom-equipment OEMs and VoIP service providers. Commetrex has unrivaled expertise in fax-over-IP (FoIP) technology. Its FaxTap for SIP and the BladeWare™ telephony server with Smart FoIP® are moving FoIP reliability to a higher level. Commetrex is expanding its product line to offer the same technology excellence to the OEM developing voice-response and messaging systems with BladeWare Studio and BladeWare VXi. For more information on Commetrex, visit