Commetrex and NetGen Bring a FoIP Solution to Miami Beach

Roswell, GA — January 22, 2013 – Commetrex Corporation and its sister company NetGen Communications will be co-exhibiting at ITEXPO East 2013, January 30 – February 1. Commetrex has developed the patent-pending Smart FoIP® technology, which won Best Service Provider Solution at ITEXPO West 2012. NetGen Communications has licensed Smart FoIP for use in Smart ATA®, an analog telephone adapter available exclusively from NetGen.


After extensive testing, Commetrex determined that 5-10% of T.38 failures in SIP networks were due to faulty interaction between the SIP call-control subsystem and the T.38 implementation of all ATAs, gateways, and fax servers. Based on these findings and the company’s 20+ years of experience with fax, Commetrex developed a solution: Smart FoIP, which solves this and a second problem.


According to Cliff Schornak, Commetrex’ CTO, not all IP networks support T.38, meaning FoIP must rely on G.711 pass-through fax, which is very similar to a voice call. But there’s also a problem there with the reliability of long or multipage faxes. Smart FoIP also takes care of that problem by making all multi-page faxes as reliable as single-page faxes.


Commetrex and NetGen Communications expect Smart ATA to revolutionize the FoIP market, specifically for ITSPs. Many ITSPs have been increasingly frustrated by the volume of issues that the unreliability of FoIP has caused their customers. Now the ITSPs can offer Smart ATA as a solution, giving their customers a reliable FoIP solution, eliminating their dependence on POTS lines for fax. At about $40 per POTS line per month, that can mean a major cost savings, according to Marilyn Troup, who heads Commetrex’ marketing communications.

About Commetrex


Commetrex, after providing industry-leading fax technologies to the telecom equipment OEM for over a decade, has developed BladeWare™, an advanced-architecture all-software telephony platform that supports FoIP with SIP signaling. In 2009, the company added support for digital and analog PSTN connectivity in partnership with Sangoma Technologies. The addition of support for PCI and PCI Express boards for analog office and station interfaces and ISDN PRI and BRI gives Commetrex the industry’s broadest fax-telephony product line for the enterprise-fax OEM.


In order to maintain its OEM focus, Commetrex spun off NetGen Communications, Inc. to develop and market end-user telecom products. Smart ATA is NetGen’s first of what will be a long line of voice, fax, and video telecom products that leverage Commetrex technology.

About NetGen Communications


NetGen Communications is a spin-off of Commetrex. While Commetrex focuses on developing the technologies that make FoIP work, NetGen is handling the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of FoIP products – powered by Commetrex’ technologies – that are specifically targeted at the Internet telephony service provider (ITSP) market. With the new Smart ATA available exclusively from NetGen, ITSPs will no longer have to tell their customers, ”Keep your POTS lines for fax!”