Real-Time Fax-Over-Skype Announced by Commetrex Spin-Off

Send and Receive Faxes for Free


San Jose, CA, VON Spring 2007, March 19, 2007 – In a move designed to please the legions of worldwide Skype users, NetGen Communications, Inc., a spin-off of Commetrex Corp., announced FaxIP for Skype. The product allows a Skype user to send faxes in real-time from fax machine to fax machine anywhere in the world absolutely free.


Tom Ray, NetGen’s chief marketing officer, emphasized the uniqueness of NetGen’s first product. “There are so-called virtual-fax or e-fax services that have a Skype file-transfer interface for store-and-forward support of fax-image files. But NetGen’s product is not store-and-forward and does not use a third-party fax service. It’s real-time fax relay across the Skype network. You feed the paper into the sending machine here, place the call, and it comes out at the receiving machine there, all in real time… a legal document, if you will.”


Ray further pointed out that NetGen’s patent-pending Skype-compatible technology takes advantage of Commetrex’ industry-leading T.38 fax-relay, Skype’s peer-to-peer network, and a special version of the Eutectics IPP2000 RJ-11-to-USB converter ( see Don Fowler, Eutectics Vice President of Sales, stressed the quality of the combined solution: “Eutectics enterprise-class devices lead the industry in audio quality, ease of use, ergonomic form, and total functionality. We see a terrific opportunity working with NetGen to provide unique value to the SME and SOHO via our new EoIP (Enterprise over IP) technology. The IPP2000-FAX is the first in a line of products designed to fulfill this goal.”


NetGen anticipates that the Skype-compatible product will be in retail distribution in the second quarter of this year. Although the target price of the solution has not yet been finalized, it is anticipated that it will be in the $60-$75 range, including the Eutectics IPP2000. Versions for Google Talk, AOL’s Total Talk, etc. are planned. Also, releases with enhanced functionality, for example real-time faxing from Microsoft Word, are planned for later in 2007.

About NetGen Communications, Inc.


NetGen Communications, a spin-off of Commetrex® Corporation, a technology innovation leader for the last decade, is bringing Web 2.0 to telecom for the consumer and SME (small-medium enterprise). The promise of Web 2.0 is personalized anytime, anyplace, any-device communications. NetGen is jumping on the Skype/Google wave to bring net-gen communications and “service-oriented architectures” to businesses that would not otherwise be able to access these new technologies. NetGen’s first offering, the FaxIP product suite, provides fax-for-free solutions for Skype, Google, Yahoo! and AOL users. FaxIP for Skype will be available in mid-2007 and will provide real-time fax between Skype-and-FaxIP-enabled computers anywhere in the world. Beyond FaxIP, the company will integrate voice and video with Web-based information to deliver functionally complete SME communications systems.