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We have the technology you need to solve your FoIP problems.

Instead of living with FoIP stress or keeping costly POTS lines for fax, work with Commetrex® to solve your FoIP problems.

FoIP Analysis ToolsIf you’re having FoIP problems but you’re not sure why, FaxTap for SIP®, our new FoIP analysis tool, will enable you to identify the root cause. We like to say that FaxTap for SIP picks up where WireShark leaves off because it provides so much more information, including an image of the fax, even when it’s V.34.

Analog Telephone AdaptersIf you — or your subscribers — need an analog telephone adapter (ATA) in order to run analog fax machines over a VoIP network, then you need Smart ATA®. Smart ATA is an ATA that’s powered by Commetrex’ patent-pending Smart FoIP technology, available exclusively from our sister company, NetGen Communications.

Fax to EmailAnd once your FoIP is solid, monetize it with our BladeWare Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax servers. These ready-to-deploy HMP fax servers let you add $5.95 or more per seat per month for these popular features. That’s low-hanging fruit, and lots of it.

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