No POTS for Fax

Say goodbye to POTS for Fax over IP (FoIP) with Smart FoIP from Commetrex! Now available in Smart ATA®. Watch the demo!

Having problems getting FoIP to work, but can’t figure out why? You need FaxTap for SIP, a new FoIP analysis tool from Commetrex.


T.38 Fax Relay Software

Commetrex is the industry-leading developer of T.38 fax relay software, providing the highest-performing T.38 fax relay software for use in IP networks for the ATA or gateway OEM .   T.38 fax relay software from Commetrex supports data and controls redundancy, meets the ITU-T recommendations, and supports proprietary protocols for secure-fax applications by converting data to an audio stream, which greatly reduces the effects of packet loss.

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