Commetrex Announces FaxTap for T.38 V2.0 Now Available

Software Converts Wireshark File to Fax-Image File


ITExpo Los Angeles, CA September 16, 2008 – Commetrex Corporation announces the launch of version 2.0 of FaxTap for T.38. FaxTap for T.38 interprets a Wireshark-produced PCAP file to the fax’s TIFF image. Wireshark is a widely used IP packet-recording tool. The new product release improves ease-of-use and is much higher in functionality. Version 1.0 rendered a PCAP file to a TIFF-F image file, provided the T.38 session had no lost packets. Version 2.0 now employs full T.38 UDP redundancy processing, as implemented in Commetrex’ T.38 relay, recovering an image from sessions with missing and out-of-order packets. Commetrex also offers FaxTap for PCM.


Version 1.0 required the user to specify the IP addresses and ports of the sessions to analyze. Now, FaxTap for T.38 automatically identifies and processes all T.38 streams present in a capture file. Moreover, FaxTap now optionally produces packet-by-packet details. With a command-line option, the program can display details about each packet as well as information on the decisions it makes during packet processing.


As stated by Tom Ray, EVP of sales and marketing at Commetrex, “It is becoming clear that T.38 has really come of age as evidenced by a spike in demand for FaxTap for T.38. Finally, the international-footprint IP carriers, such as Global Crossing and Level(3) are offering service agreements that include T.38. So, customers are looking for affordable ways to test their network’s T.38-based fax transactions. And FaxTap is just the answer.”

About Commetrex Corporation


Commetrex develops and markets enabling technologies for the gateway and media-server telecom OEM, as well as ready-to-deploy fax applications, BladeWare Fax Media Server (FMS), BladeWare Fax2Email, and BladeWare Email2Fax. Well known for its market-leading fax and other licensed media-processing technologies, Commetrex has announced its 75th T.38 FoIP customer. Commetrex’ list of licensees is a who’s who of the telecom industry, including LSI/Agere, Iperia, Genband, Castelle, Lucent, Sonus, OpenWave, Nortel, Broadsoft, Siemens, ShoreTel, Avaya, Empirix, Logica, and Movius. Commetrex is currently enhancing the BladeWare product family by introducing comprehensive voice capabilities with its BladeWareVXML initiative.