Commetrex Announces the Release of BladeWare Studio

Company Extends VoiceXML Initiative


ITExpo Los Angeles, CA September 16, 2008 – Commetrex Corporation announced today the introduction of BladeWareStudio, a VoiceXML application-creation tool specifically designed for OEMs and sophisticated developers, to augment its burgeoning VoiceXML strategy. Commetrex’ BladeWareStudio, is an updated version of App Center, which was originally developed by Vocalocity, a standards-based software company out of Atlanta that focused on VoiceXML for telecom OEMs.


BladeWareStudio enables users to easily develop, manage, and publish speech-enabled and touchtone voice applications. The graphical drag-and-drop interface abstracts developers from standards, such as VoiceXML, speeds application delivery, eases modifications, and supports rapid prototyping. BladeWareStudio provides developers with the flexibility to export their source code from BladeWareStudio to a flat file for portability. Service creation and code generation are independent, so development work is protected as existing standards evolve and as new standards emerge. And, unlike other tools that force the developer to publish to a specific runtime server, BladeWareStudio gives the developer the option to publish applications to Java Server Pages (JSPs) for separate deployment to any J2EE-based application server.


Tom Ray, Commetrex’ EVP, explained: “Many of our VoiceXML-interpreter customers need a VoiceXML application-creation tool. But, due to consolidations in this market, there are few products available to meet this specific requirement. And the ones that are available are costly and complex. So, we acquired one that’s cost-effective and easy-to-use. Applications created in BladeWareStudio can run on any VoiceXML-compliant browser, including Commetrex’ BladeWareVXML interpreter-based browser.”


Ray continued, “BladeWareStudio is yet another addition to our comprehensive voice product direction and is available now. Currently in development is BladeWare HMP Voice Server, a standards-based voice platform, including a VoiceXML 2.1-compliant interpreter, MRCP V2.0 client, and SIP/TDM connectivity. In addition, Commetrex’ VoiceXML offerings will be available as stand-alone components, as a fully integrated thin browser, and integrated with Commetrex’ BladeWare HMP media server.”


Commetrex is exhibiting BladeWareStudio at the Internet Telephony Expo and Conference to be held in Los Angeles (CA) on September 16-18th.

About Commetrex Corporation


Commetrex develops and markets enabling technologies for the gateway and media-server telecom OEM, as well as ready-to-deploy fax applications, BladeWare Fax Media Server (FMS), BladeWare Fax2Email, and BladeWare Email2Fax. Well known for its market-leading fax and other licensed media-processing technologies, Commetrex has announced its 75th T.38 FoIP customer. Commetrex’ list of licensees is a who’s who of the telecom industry, including LSI/Agere, Iperia, Genband, Castelle, Lucent, Sonus, OpenWave, Nortel, Broadsoft, Siemens, ShoreTel, Avaya, Empirix, Logica, and Movius. Commetrex is currently enhancing the BladeWare product family by introducing comprehensive voice capabilities with its BladeWareVXML initiative.