The Smart ATA Story: Solving Three Big FoIP Problems

The Smart ATA Story: Solving Three Big FoIP Problems

If you read our newsletters, you may remember that Commetrex has developed a new FoIP technology, Smart FoIP, which, among other things, improves the success of FoIP session establishment by up to 10% in SIP networks. Now, instead of talking about technology, we’re talking about a product that uses the technology to solve major problems for the industry.

We’ve exhibited at many industry conferences, most notably at the ITEXPOs produced by TMC, and we’ve been frustrated because we’ve not had the Smart FoIP-based products IP service providers have been asking for. These are the guys that tell their business subscribers to keep their POTS lines for fax. Many have tried FoIP, but their customers are frustrated by low connect rates, particularly for outbound calls. Well, now we have what they need—Smart ATA–and we are formally announcing it at ITEXPO West 2011.

Smart ATA is the industry’s first ATA to feature Smart FoIP to solve the late T.38 re-Invite problem. But Smart ATA doesn’t just solve one big problem for the industry; it solves three. Smart ATA is also the industry’s first ATA with T.38 V3 with V.34. And it also eliminates PCM clock-sync problems in G.711 mode, as explained in the following stories. So, Smart ATA solves three big problems that have long perplexed the industry:

  1. SIP session establishment failures for outbound calls,
  2. Finally! V.34 in an ATA,
  3. Elimination of G.711 failures due to lack of G.711 PCM-clock synchronization.

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We have designed, developed, and are marketing Smart ATA with New Rock Technologies (Shanghai), our long-time partner, which has used Commetrex’ media technologies in their medium-density gateways for the last five years. So, when they told us they were re-purposing their gateway software for an ATA, we suggested that we work together to produce not just another ATA, but the ATA that the industry was demanding … one that finally “makes FoIP work”, and adds V.34.

ITEXPO West 2011 will be held in Austin, Texas, September 13-15. So be sure to visit booth 722 to get the full Smart ATA story. Not going to the show? Then send us an email at for more info on Smart ATA now!

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