Commetrex Expands VXML Footprint with BladeWare Studio Server

Fax Technology Company Fills Void in VXML Space


Atlanta, GA — August 21, 2013 — Commetrex announces the launch of BladeWare Studio Server, a companion product to BladeWare Studio Client, which has been shipping for several years to interactive-voice OEMs and developers. Studio Server is the third product in Commetrex’ growing VXML line, which also includes BladeWare VXi, a high-performance commercial version of the popular OpenVXi VXML interpreter, and BladeWare Studio Client, a drag-and-drop VXML design tool.


BladeWare Studio is an advanced, graphical interactive-voice application design tool composed of both BladeWare Studio Client and BladeWare Studio Server. BladeWare Studio Client supports the design and development of complex, dynamic voice applications without the need to know VoiceXML or any of the complex grammar, text-to-speech, and call control markup languages. BladeWare Studio Server is a runtime application server that provides easy publishing and versioning of the resulting voice applications.


BladeWare Studio creates open, standard VoiceXML output that does not tie the application to the runtime server since its VoiceXML code can be run independently of the BladeWare Studio runtime server. Alternatively, Studio Client output can be published directly to the Studio Server. Although BladeWare Studio Client and BladeWare Studio Server will work with any standards-compliant voice browser, these products provide more robust features out-of-the box if used together.


These three products are modular and independent, allowing the OEM to pick and choose to meet specific requirements. According to Marilyn Troup, Commetrex’ marketing communications director, “There aren’t many products in the VXML space that support OEMs and developers, and the ones that are available are costly, complex, and make the OEM a captive of proprietary technologies. Commetrex BladeWare gives the OEM a more flexible and affordable option.”

About Commetrex


Commetrex, after providing industry-leading fax technologies to the telecom-equipment OEM for over a decade, has developed BladeWare, an advanced-architecture all-software telephony platform that supports FoIP with SIP signaling. In 2009, the company added support for digital and analog PSTN connectivity in partnership with Sangoma Technologies. The addition of support for PCI and PCI Express boards for analog office and station interfaces and ISDN PRI and BRI gives Commetrex the industry’s broadest fax-telephony product line for the enterprise-fax OEM. Now, Commetrex is expanding its product line to offer the same technology excellence to the OEM developing voice-response and messaging systems.