BladeWare Voice Portal

Commetrex, the leading worldwide supplier of fax and fax-related technologies to the telecommunications OEM and system integrator, has announced a major voice-technology initiative. Many of the finest names in communications have licensed Commetrex’ fax technology because it’s the most field-proven technology available. Now, as a logical next step, Commetrex is bringing the same time-to-market and cost advantages to the messaging and interactive voice-response OEM.

The primary components of the BladeWare voice-response OEM product line are shown below. BladeWare VXi is a significantly enhanced commercial version of OpenVXi, the industry’s most widely-deployed VoiceXML interpreter. It includes a commercial license, comprehensive documentation, new releases, and full support.

Not surprisingly, many of our VXML interpreter customers need a VoiceXML application-creation tool and runtime application server. But there are few OEM products available to meet this specific requirement, and the ones that are available are costly, complex, and designed to make the OEM a captive of proprietary technologies, making them difficult to afford and use as components in the OEMs product line. BladeWare Studio client, Commetrex’ VoiceXML drag-and-drop application-creation tool, was specifically designed for the OEM.

BladeWare Studio creates open, standard VoiceXML output that does not tie the application to the runtime server since it can generate open, standard VoiceXML code that can be run independently of the BladeWare Studio run-time server.

BladeWare Studio Client and BladeWare Studio Server will work with any standards-compliant voice browser. These products provide more robust features out-of-the box if used together; however, they are not dependent on each other and can be used independently.

Voice play-record for the BladeWare telephony platform, long known for its fax capabilities, is currently in development. It is a standards-based voice platform with advanced voice-processing features, including faster-slower and loader-softer for voice playback. Higher-level features on Commetrex’ VoiceXML roadmap are a voice browser with MRCP V2.0 client, with both SIP and TDM connectivity. Each of these XML-based features will be available as stand-alone components, but also fully integrated into the BladeWare browser as a full voice platform integrated with our BladeWare HMP Media Server.